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Ruin to Restoration

The Courthouse Annex was a fabulous structure in its day and was the center of a vibrant downtown scene in the early 20th century. Despite an earthquake leveling the County Courthouse, the Annex still remained. Later it served as the Tulare County Social Service building, but years of disrepair and inability to conform to changing regulations led to it being abandoned.

What was once dilapidated has returned to become a centerpiece for downtown Visalia. Inspired by the opportunity to restore a building with such prominence in the community, a group of local families joined to purchase the property in 2018. With the help of local engineers, construction workers, painters, craftsmen, hospitality specialists, and media artists—as well as a few friends and family—the worn facade and degraded interior slowly morphed into its current form: The Darling Hotel.

Now fully restored and replete with all of the modern comforts, it is our vision that the project will serve as a center piece of Tulare County and a pillar of the vibrant Visalia downtown. Named after family, constructed by friends, supported by the community, The Darling Hotel is here to be your home at the Gateway to the Sierras. We’re glad you came, and you may be “just passing through”, but while you’re here: stay awhile.

Image of original building with Tulare County Courthouse

And no, it is not haunted, there are not ghosts, and there is no secret tunnel to opium dens….. or is there?